The best social media platform for your business

In today’s time, brands that neglect the use and reach of social media platforms are missing the key digital marketing channel for customer engagement.

In the data, it was seen that 80% of marketers believe that social media platforms can help in gaining valuable customer insights and increase marketing activities. So, choosing the best social media platform for your business plays an important role.

Now the question arises, how to choose the best social media platform for your business?

1. Identify your right audience

You have to know who will be your targeted audience. The right audience will be the ones who will be interested in the product you are offering. So you have to make clear who will be interested in your product, what will be their education level, and their background.

According to this, you have to build the profile of your audience.

2. Define your goals

Once you know your audience, you have to define your goals, and what you expect from that audience. Your goals can be to create brand awareness, drive sales, or expand your reach. The social media goal should be clear so you can reach which platform can help you to achieve that goal.

You have to learn why you need social media account and how you are going to work on that.

3. Know the different social media platforms

With more than 2.45 billion monthly active users, as of 2020, Facebook is the largest social media network. The platform tends to be emotionally driven and is a place where people want to connect with friends and family, in addition to the brands they enjoy and trust. On Facebook, share photos, updates, and general news in a way that is engaging to your audience.


A platform where users can capture, edit and share photos, videos, and messages. Use Instagram to take your followers behind the scenes, expand your reach with hashtags or highlight new partnerships. One-third of the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses. Showcase the solution you provide by creating sharable content that entices users to tag and share with friends. That will help expand your reach on this platform.


As video content becomes more and more important in the digital marketing space, YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular social media platform for vlogs and other types of video content. Your business can share anything from how-to guides or instructional videos to tips/tricks and corporate videos.


It’s specifically designed for businesses and professionals. As a professional networking site, LinkedIn is a place of learning. Users rely on the site to expand their expertise and learn more about the industry. LinkedIn is typically an excellent platform for B2B companies to reach their target audience.


It’s where people go for news and live event updates. Users check this fast-paced platform to monitor and stay up to date on trending topics and events in real-time. This also is a good place for consumers to quickly communicate with brands and businesses they follow. Use Twitter to connect with your followers in a witty way—in 280 characters or less.

4. Identify the channel your target audience is using

The research has to be conducted that which channel will be most effective for the content you are sharing. The quality of content we share attracts the audience accordingly.

The most effective social media strategies are informed by social media demographics. These data-driven insights will ensure that your strategy, and the channels you choose, facilitate the most relevant, targeted approach possible, which will increase your chances of conversion

5. Identify the kind of content you want to share

The type of content we share targets a specific range of audiences so we have to be clear that the content we share should be similar to the product we offer. The content can be informational, sarcastic, or based on humor according to the content we can target any social media platform.

If you can identify the content formats to prioritize in your social media strategy, you’ll find it easier to make your final channel choices.

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